Ashton Sanders

You most likely know Ashton Sanders, the 21-year-old actor from the war winning film, Moonlight. He was one of the three actors that played the main character, Chiron pronounced SHY-RON. Wonderland Magazine just released this beautiful and telling interview with Sanders and I needed to share forward. The interview which was conducted by Fiona Duncan felt very intimate and raw. She notes his eyes, his uncertainty and even that he smokes. The subtle details made me feel like I already knew him:

"Sanders has puppy proportioned hands and pupils that quiver. He’s tall, graceful and wearing beige on forest green plaid. He says he loves fashion. He smokes. There’s a treble to his being that reminds me of my dear friend Henry, who like Sanders, grew up in LA, acting. It’s the treble of trust issues. “It’s hard—” in Los Angeles, in show business, Sanders explains, “to tell what people want or what their intentions are. You gotta keep shit tight.”
Photographed by Sandy Kim.

Photographed by Sandy Kim.

The editorial, photographed by Sandy Kim in Los Angeles was just as strong as the interview. The images seem to have been shot between film and digital. Kim's choice of the soft lighting and grungy set up mixed with the open and sincere interview really made for a dreamy story. 

About growing up in LA, Sanders says: 

“It’s hard to tell what people want or what their intentions are. You gotta keep s**t tight…I was an other. I didn’t have that many friends within my community.”

And last but not least, here is some life advice I think we can all use from Ashton: 

“is to always be and love yourself yo. Chiron was a beautiful soul — so vulnerable. It’s a scary thing to be too vulnerable. We are trained to walk around like… Like, when you put on a social mask to become somebody that you’re not to accommodate society or certain people, it diminishes spirit. Be authentic.”

Be you and do you, boo. Read the whole interview on

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