An intimate conversation with Tony Peralta on growing up Dominican, art, over coming doubt, women, and washington heights.

By Amanda Saviñón & Claudia Mendoza



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Life Begins in the Colon

Fatigue, dandruff, low sex drive, yeast infections and bad breath are all linked to an impacted colon. An impacted colon is when waste does not properly pass through the large intestine and instead stays stuck in some area of the colon. When there is fecal impaction, the heaviness of the large intestines weighs down on the bladder and the reproductive organs causing a lot of dis-ease. The colon is especially taxed when we experience trauma such as sexual abuse, loss of a loved one, or extreme forms of racism. 


Jabón De Cuaba

Jabón de Cuaba is a multi-purpose soap and a quintessential item in a Dominican household manufactured in the Dominican Republic by Cesar Iglesias S.A. 


by Amanda Saviñón





RECLAIMING your pussy

by: Amanda Saviñón & Claudia Mendoza

We sat down with Brujas of Brooklyn, Afro-Latina identical twin sisters and PhDs who have dedicated their lives to helping women form deeper relationships with their Yonis through womb-work as a mechanism to debunk these myths and to learn more about our sacred portals.

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MemE Monday:

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