The Edge of Seventeen

When I tell you I balled my eyes out, I mean I really did. Just ask bae. We were flying en route to JFK from Helsinki, Finland when I decided to watch The Edge of Seventeen.

To not give away too much, its a smart teen comedy and drama starring Hailee Steinfeld as Nadine, a 17-year old who is having a hard time getting through life as a teenager. When I read the synopsis, I thought, well duh. Who doesn't go through hard times, dark thoughts, loss and confusion at that age? We all do. I decided to watch it anyway and it was a lot deeper, sweeter than I expected. It was about a lot more than just being a teenager, it was about going through life with feelings that no one believes because they are solely yours. It's reminded me of a lesson I learned from Tara Brach where she described sinking and painful thoughts as "real but not true." The talk explains that the negative and limiting thoughts (which we instill in ourselves) are real because we feel them and no one can take that away. However, they are not true, because it is not the reality. You can probably imagine just how liberating it was for Nadine (and all conscious humans out there) to realize that we are not our thoughts and that our thoughts and therefore our lives, can change as soon as we decide to change it.

Movie still from The Edge of Seventeen

Vox rounded up the movie is the best way: "Life sucks. But life gets better. Teenagers are stupid. But teenagers are brilliant. Grown-ups get hurt, and grown-ups do good things too. Being on the edge of adulthood is complex. It's nice to see movies treat it that way."

Finally and most importantly, standing motherfucking ovation to Hailee Steinfeld who I knew only as a Disney child-star so seeing her again in such a greatly written and directed hollywood film was pleasantly shocking. As a viewer, she made me feel as though I was in her life, in her home, in her classroom; like I was her mother's daughter, her brother's sister and her BFF's BFF.

While we are here, why don't we take a look at Hailee's best red carpet outfits ever?!

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