Sport Luxe

During Paris Fashion Week, something that has never happened before happened: Nike workout leggings were styled and sent down the runway by Giambattista Vali. My first thought was YAS! My second thought was why was he the first to do this instead of folks like CourrégesVetements, Y Project, OFF-WHITE, or even Yeezy.

The looks were styled quite beautifully and I think it opened people's minds to the idea of merging more of our clothes together. It certainly opened mine! So much so that in fact I decided to try this trend out to brunch with the girls in Harlem. As a result, I came up with 5 reasons why you should too:


I was in heaven all day. Did I tell you I was out with my girls? Well, we enjoyed LOTS of drinks and I needed to pee every 10 minutes. It was just the easiest task. 


Duh. I got so comfortable on a high chair at a bar that I sat Indian style through 25 minutes of girl talk until I realized maybe I should sit like a lady :)


Wear it with anything; ankle boots, thigh high boots, strappy heels, kitten heels, etc. The Adidas leggings I wore are actually calf length so I ALMOST had no other choice than to style them with my over-the-knee boots, at least in this weather!


Everyone knows workout/yoga leggings just shape and raise the booty up like no other pair of pants in the world. I felt sexy while being sporty. 


Depending on how you style your look, you would only have to pack a pair of sneakers to head straight to the gym after work. You know what that means, NO EXCUSES! I styled my look in full sport from head to toe and left the luxe for the accessories. Oh, don't forget your sports bra!

Outfit details: My top is from Five Four's sports line Grand AC, leggings from Adidas, watch from Shinola, hoop earrings from your local beauty supply spot, boots from Dolce & Gabbana and lips by YSL's 213, The Mats

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