Meme Monday: Are we Ignoring the Things We Shouldn't?

Meme via @NoChill

Meme via @NoChill

Aside from doing this with our cars, are we also doing this in our lives? Are we ignoring how we feel about someone or something? Are we ignoring a pain in our bodies? Are we ignoring the amount of precious time that passes by before we check in or visit our parents? Are we ignoring red flags in our relationships? Are we turning a blind eye to our true selves and our true dreams? Are we setting aside what we truly want for what we have? Are we ignoring symptoms or signs of stress? Are we ignoring our inner voice when it says that we have to be more positive? Or our bodies when it tells us to not feed it a certain food? What are we refusing to accept in our lives that can possibly help us live better quality lives? Anything? 

Just like the light in your car, the longer you put it off or turn a blind eye to it (sorry, Stevie!) the more you are setting your self up for [car] failure. NO ONE ELSE WILL SUFFER LIKE YOU WOULD if you continue to blindfold yourself. Listen to yourself. Listen to your inner life. 

Go get your car fixed!

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