Meme Monday: I Love You So Much, Though

I’ve always admired the friends that can TRULY spend quality time with their families, consistently. By truly, I mean no distance is too close or far, you have a specific day every week where you make sure you show face, you speak to your family multiple times a day, you go on family vacations, you go big on their birthdays, you run errands for them/together, and you sleep over whenever you want to.

Y’all, this has never been me! and I thought there must be something supremely wrong with me. Why isn’t it easier? Is it supposed to come from the heart or is it suppose to be a chore? A responsibility? Through the years, I’ve come to realize that it’s just me. I feel good being alone, having personal space, getting things off my to-do list, running my own errands, being myself, not planning too far ahead, saving money, moving about the world, starting a business.

Me to me: Well yeah, Amanda, but you can do all of those things and still find time to spend with your family... it’s not that hard.

I grew up hearing so many of my family members saying “You must not love me because you don’t call me and you don’t come around.” Or when I’d come around for family gatherings, they would purposely not speak to me because I hadn’t been in touch in a while. I would always tell them “Please don’t take it personally, that is just the way that I am. Because I don’t call you doesn’t mean I don’t love you, I am just trusting that you are fine and that you would call me the moment you aren’t.”

So really this post is just a PSA to my family and friends: it’s not you, it’s me...
How do you balance your personal time and family time?
How often do you see your family?
Do you go see your mom every day or every week?
Is it a chore or does it come from your heart?
Do you come through with money or gifts and apologize for your distance?
Let’s talk about it! Comment below.
And that dialog goes back and forth.

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