Meme Monday: Mood all 2018

It is almost time for a new year and you know us humans: a new year means a new us but Daquan taught me something different...

Essentially, you don't have to become a new person or WANT to become a new person to have a prosperous, successful, loving, and a good year. You can simply start by dodging some bullshit when you can. Daquan specifically wants these things out of his life:

drama, stress, depression, fake friends, doubt, negativity, Trump, misery, broke, kids, bullshit, fucks, anxiety, new friends, thots. 

Before I say, "AMEN", "HALLELUJAH", or “Am I right?” is there anyone who, in their lives, want more of any of the things Daquan mentioned? ... Me neither. 

Guess what though… We can all help change these things for each other by simply practising kindness in and outside of our homes and in and outside of our bodies. Maybe this is cliché or too kumbaya for you but it is the dead, hard truth. The truth is that we can change this world and not only do we get extra points for working together but we also get farther faster and safer together.



Say thank you, smile, educate, share, love, open your mind, go to the gym, say please, save money, go travel with your mom, volunteer, ask questions, laugh at jokes, share your life stories, be scared but don't let it paralyze you. If you have an unlimited metro card and someone needs a swipe and you have just arrived at your stop, it has been well over 15mins, give up a swipe. Spend less money on gifts and more time on the couch with your siblings, drink responsibly, if you are going out, bring money, if not, stay home. Help and support your friends, go to their events, buy their merch, click on the link in their bio, DM people positive things, share easy recipes, reply to group chats, etc.

But stop: cyberbullying, staying in the group chats you no longer enjoy, stop trying to be someone you are not, hating yourself, jumping to conclusions and making assumptions, eating McDonalds, cheating on your partner or on tests, predicting you'll have an incurable disease. Stop talking about Trump in social settings, stop scheming and plotting on folks just to prove a point, stop guilt tripping over not seeing your family enough, stop overthinking, stop coveting your friends, stop living check to check by shopping less, stop doubting yourself, stop thinking you can't do something because you're not that good, stop having kids if you deeply feel you are not "ready", still expecting so much from your perfect girlfriend/boyfriend, stop making late payments on your bills, stop waking up RIGHT before you have to leave home, stop talking about other people's bodies and looks, stop under-tipping, stop folling IG accounts you dont want to follow, stop looking at you rphone 1st thing in the morning, stop man spreading on the train, etc

Let this new year bring a new you in all the small ways that make big waves. GIVE YOURSELF SOME ROOM TO BE THE BAD ASS ADULT THAT YOU ARE.

Amanda Saviñón1 Comment