September: The Good Kind of Self Care


Those of us who are "woke" know that money and material things fall to the waistline when put up next to true love and health. And the only way to know true love for yourself and others is to start with yourself. That’s why I’ve officially made September Self-Care month on Loyal Nana.

Loyal Nana's Self Care is less face masks on airplanes and more listening to how we talk to ourselves when we are alone. Less drinking and shopping to numb us out and more evaluation and purging around some of our not-so-healthy childhood habits so that we may make room for healthier adult habits. Less spa vibes and more slowing down enough to deactivate our autopilot and maybe finally stop doing thing automatically like never adjust the settings on your iron and using it at the highest level every time.

I like my self-care committed to the long ride that is life and beneficial and rich enough to contribute to the necessary and good change of our perspectives on our lives with the ultimate goal of quieting and calming our internal turmoil and self-inflicted suffering more and more.

My favorite thing right now is examining evidence of my own progress and improvement. This week, I did that by revising my very first interview on Leonor Mamanna’s newsletter, Leave it to Leonor in May 2017 found at the very bottom here. One year later, Leonor interviews me again and I couldn’t help but observe how I have changed in small ways in just one year.


Try this at home! Look for things, outfits, photos, messages and notes for clues of how your mind might be better developed today versus another time, and how.