#ForTheDick Challenge

I am LOVING this challenge. I think it might be the best/most recent/only social media movement where women can talk about the extends we would go for "the dick". I am PRETTY sure we are talking about the good dick openly and unapologetically. 

These are THE WINNERS in my book...

I don't think I can RAT tho I see you in heaven for that dick cause I Rather DIE!!!

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Cardi made it clear that she will not be snitching. That's real.

1st - She started with "I don't do shit for the dick..." <3

2nd - This is the man I see on #ForTheDick challenge and while the freestyle was poppin', it's no news what men would so for this. We KNOW.

Maria is just my favorite girl on social media right now. 

Finally, how amazing is sex? And men? And women? And that sex leads to new life sometimes? And that we can connect as humans through sex and our desires?  Here’s to being sex positive and doing whatever we got to do for the [good] D*CK!


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