Fashion Friday: A Wedding Outfit Under $110

It's kind of stressful to find an outfit for a wedding weather you start looking early or leave it for last minute. On top of it all, you still need to get a wedding gift, if it is a destination wedding, you probably have a flight and paid for a hotel. Simply put, ain't nobody got time (or money) to spend on a dress and outfit you might never wear again. SO, I put together this amazing wedding outfit (which you are GUARANTEED to wear again AND it is fully under $110. 

Dress:  BooHoo . Earrings:  Forever21 , Clutch:  InDot , Shoes:  BooHoo , 

Dress: BooHoo. Earrings: Forever21, Clutch: InDot, Shoes: BooHoo


**sigh** I love weddings <3

xo - Whit

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