Monochrome Dressing Changed My Life

My interest in dressing in monochrome started in 2014 when I was trying to bring beauty and color into my life. Around this time, I did dress all in one color, a lot, but it was always all black until one day I realized I was wearing all black because I was mourning happiness, positivity and hoepfulness. Shit is crazy, I know. My life was kind of shitty. I hated my job, my living situation wasn't as comfortable as one's living situation should be like and I lost friendships I thought would last a lifetime. I wore all black at least three to five times a week for two years believing that this was all life was. At that time I thought maybe it was because getting dressed in the morning was hella easy but the truth was I was mourning the death of my friendships and myself. Kind of like living but dead. 

Two years before my all black period, I had been studying awareness, meditation, practicing rituals, manifestation, and relationships but never actually applying it to my life because I was making too many excuses and feeling sorry for myself. This time around, I was lost, almost mute and confused so I thought why not give everything I learned and believed to be real a chance? The switch was merely more positive thoughts, manifesting what I wanted in life INTO my life by thinking about it and believing it can happen, sitting still for 15 minutes a day every day and shit like that. When I started to do all of these things that I already KNEW had a REAL affect in human life, my perspective and my life started to reflect who I TRULY was which is a women full of love and grace with a sense of abundance and hopefulness. 

I started to believe that there was nothing wrong with me, that I can change anything about my life that I didn't like. My thoughts now sounded more like, "I can leave this apartment if I don't like" and "hmm, when would be a good time to put in a two weeks notice at this shitty job?" "Should I leave New York for a bit?" Suddenly I felt magical, as if anything I thought up and wanted could happen. Naturally, I killed my old self: that insecure, fearful and doubtful Amanda was gone. RIP. She still creeps up though (more on that later).

Once I realized I was unconsciously pushing color (and therefore beauty) out of my life by wearing so much black, I decided to challenge myself to continue dressing in one color if that was what I wanted BUT it would have to be anything but black. I tried maroon, baby blue, denim, white, more maroon, more baby blue, more white. Don't get it twisted though, I still love and do my all black looks, except this time, I am in a really good place in my life and I am not in mourning and nothing is dying except for old habits and bad thoughts :D

My latest and maybe greatest monochrome-addict outfit was todays. I think it is because my favorite color is green :). 260 Sample Sale had a CRAZY sample sale with Superdry, and I scored this top and bottom for $30! I love me some Keds, too, so I threw those on. 

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