Young Thug posed in a dress for his new album cover, JEFFERY. We love it! Young Thug's sexuality has always been the #1 topic in his interviews. As a result, he has been running a campaign on gender fluidity and the cover of his new album is yet another contribution to it. He has been said to be gay or bisexual and all he says is: "I like everything people say about me – you gay, you a punk, you can't rap, you're the hardest." I really love that he embraces all aspects of sexuality and music. 

So about this dress, it was designed by the VFILES Runway winner, Italian designer, Alessandro Trincone. The dress is part of Trincone’s “Annodami” collection, which he explains "talks about my own experience with oppression and self fulfillment. Being raised in a socially rough environment, it has always been a challenging issue to express myself; I have gradually understood the importance of loving yourself as it is the only real protection from ‘evilness’,” Trincone said.  Honestly, I would have worn the dress simply for what it stands for! This was the original image that inspired Young Thug's look: 

Another cool thing: his playlist is named after some of his idols some of which include, Swizz Beatz, Wyclef Jean, Riri, Gucci Mane and even Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo's martyred gorilla. The last track was called "Elton John", which then changed to just "John" but is currently named "Kanye West" on the Apple Music. This short short but loud album has musical inspiration from James Brown and to us Dominicans, Toño Rosario too, especially on the "Swizz Beats" track. This makes me love it that much more. 

Naturally, my favorite track on the album would be "Kanye West".

Amanda SaviñónComment