Yes! Newsletters!

Its only Tuesday and it feels as though the end of the week is one month away. Fear no more! Something that helps me get through the week are newsletters. They come straight to your email and the good reads keep your fingers away from automatically clicking on your IG or FB icons. Before you know it, whether on your iPhone or computer, you find yourself in the black hole we call the Internet and over 16 tabs open on your browser.

Did you know you can receive customized notes from the universe every morning around 4am? Or that there are art openings and conversations open to the public everyday at the art galleries in Chelsea, NY?  Or that Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner interview women from all fields? These are some of the newsletters we look forward to receiving every week.

ARTCards: ARTcards shares all of the art openings and artists talks all over Manhattan

Mediabistro: Media Bistro is what it sounds like. This newsletter serves up information on the media. Everything from who left their magazine job and where they went to new and old board members for the highest of companies. 

International Center of Photography: ICP features new and old photographers accompanied by beautiful photos for your viewing pleasure.

Martha Stewart: Weird, I know but the still life photography is beautiful and all the DIY's they share makes you want to play hookie and create.

Lenny Letter: Okay, one of the coolest newsletters right now. Lena and her friend Jenni started a newsletter covering some of the most amazing women from all fields as well as life advice. If you are a fan of HBO's Girls, here you can take it at your own pace. 

New York Times Breaking News: This is essential. Get your REAL news first. 

Leave it to Leonor: Leonor is a kick ass photo editor currently at Bloomberg Pursuits and previously at Conde Nast Traveler and NYMag. She has recently started her own newsletter covering everything from her milestone birthday to her travels. The best part? She takes us around the internet for interesting news with her "this week on the internet" bullet point list. 

POLITICO playbook: My favorite part of the playbook is when they send out politician's birthdays. The news is also digestible and brief. 

Have some favorite ones of your own? Share them with us at and we will add them to the list!

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