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via @NoChill

via @NoChill

Don't we all feel shitty about life sometimes and for some reason decide to pick up our phones and tell the world how beautiful life is and that we should all drink more water, even though we are not doing it? We are all very good at loving others, and for some reason, we are also good at warning others of their egos and "the devil" manifested into people, places, and things. We want others to be as woke as we say we are, most definitely, but I think it's something much deeper. We are so outwardly positive and internally negative that telling people how beautiful life can be if you stay strong is just us talking to ourselves. We observe and learn so much about ourselves through other people. We can see this in a lot of places in life but most simply in the posts we like on Instagram, the tweets we retweet and the things we share on Facebook. 

That's just a long way of me saying that we should practice what we preach when it comes to being in a positive mindset. We should also just feel more... Instead of telling your best friend to leave him, sit in silence with her and imagine how she is feeling about whatever she is feeling. Instead of declaring that your work sucks because your pitch fell through or you received yet another rejection email, think instead of that rejection as a clue to what your next step should be. Instead of sinking deep into your feeling of sadness, [especially when you can't pinpoint exactly what you're sad about] enjoy some of your favorite music and comfort foods and put on a funny movie, ignore your phone and all the work you have to do for that day and try again tomorrow. 

Me writing this and tell you how you should pick yourself up and try again when I, myself, have such a hard time doing it is exactly what this meme is about. Except I understand a little more now that all I am really doing is telling myself to live a more positive life by telling you. I am helping you and you are helping me. Imagine if we were all aware of how much we actually help each other?

Isn't life crazy?

Every Monday is now Meme Monday on Loyal Nana! I am super excited for this weekly conversation because it is necessary and @-ing my BFF on a meme for a virtual "I feel you" or "it me" is not enough. Every Monday, I'll be sharing one relatable meme found that week that just MUST be dissected and discussed (preferably with wine in hand) so that our souls can laugh too. So send us your favorite memes and join the conversation by sharing your comments. 

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