Meme Monday: "First of all..."

The latest viral meme situation right now is the “First of all” memes generating all around Twitter. For those of you who don’t know about this meme, it is a two-line joke with the first line being a premise said to someone and the second line is that person’s sometimes sassy, sometimes sad, sometimes petty response starting with, um, "first of all..." What makes these memes so great is their reliability as is the case of all memes; the idea that we can't always say what we want, but we can sure laugh about it.


These are the ones that had me laughing out loud.


This is always embarrassing but it is something that has happened to us all. **sigh** 


I found this funny because as you become an adult in today's world, you start to realize that everyone is high on something and most adults do cocaine. 


This is me at all UNO games. IDC IDC

Even Netflix joined in on the fun


Some PG13 love...


...Soooo yeah, can you start from the beginning?

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