Meme Monday: Nerves and Anxiety are VERY Different

This week's Meme Monday is powered by TONIC. It is my favorite website for everything drug and culture related.


I came across this article this week after about two years of wondering why taking medication you are not prescribed so on trend. Why poppin' pills are what all the "cool kidz" are doing and rapper's songs about. Why folks that are not depressed take anti-depression medication. Most importantly, what is anxiety? I've never identified with "having anxiety." I get nervous, I have crazy thoughts and songs that just won't leave my head for days. Sometimes my brain is too loud to let me sleep. When someone is taking too long to get to the point or when I am ready to leave a party and my friend isn't, I get anxious but I don't feel like I need to subside that emotion with something external.

Let me get a few things clear first: There is nothing wrong with having anxiety if you have anxiety you are no less than anyone else. If you are prescribed anxiety or anti-depression medication, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.  The main issue here is that there are folks that self-medicate for their "anxiety" which most likely isn't "real" anxiety, your weed dealer probably can sell you and your friends Xanax, you probably even share them with your grandma. If you're subscribed to this medication, does it make you feel any type of way according to the way it is used or not really because you tryin' to mind your own business? 

disclaimer: I am not a doctor :)

TONIC really goes into this and why it is more and more fucking annoying to hear you say "OMG. I LEGIT have SO much anxiety."


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