Meme Monday: We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

via @nochill

via @nochill

Have tragedies like we are seeing today always been happening? Black boys begin shot and killed by cops for no reason, mass shootouts in schools and concerts? Neglect of a whole country from it's President after a natural disaster? Encouraging death to friends over text message? A racist and bigot as the leader of a free world? Have we just been too young and unaware and protected? Have we been focused on the issues going on in our private and personal lives enough to miss the big problems in the world or is this all new?

Is it the vibes of millennials? Correct me if I am wrong but I feel we focus too much on the invite we didn't get or the sneakers we want so much so that we just hurt ourselves. We encourage FOMO within ourselves and our friends. We can be PETTY AF without having all of the information. We are so ready to go to war instead of talking through things together. We hate on each other, we makeup stories about other people's lives that is neither theirs nor ours. IT all ends in a lot of internal pain, fear and doubt that blocks us from being the best we can be. 

We are all vibrations, which means that we have a lot of power over our surroundings and our surrounds have a lot of power over theirs. Lets spread positivity, love, and realness; confidence, vigor, and bravado so that when we meet our soulmates and our life partners, we can focus on loving more and deeper instead of with hesitation and fear.  Happiness comes through a door you didn't know you left open.


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