photo: amanda saviñón

photo: amanda saviñón

When I think about acceptance, other words that come to mind are surrender, truth, openness, availability, hope, understanding, kindness... true love, really.

When we accept what already is, that very action opens us up to everything else this beautiful life has to offer. When we accept that there are some things that we have no control over, we have more room to think about all of the other things we’d like to introduce, fix, or rid of in our everyday lives. When we accept the truth about the immense power we each hold inside, everything changes. When we accept feelings that we don’t understand, we’re open, in a very raw way, to deeper learning.

Growing up my dad said to me once “never accept gifts from anyone. You’ll always compromise yourself, and most of the time you won't know it.” He explained that when someone gifts you something, they see it as an opportunity to believe that you owe them a favor or something of the sort in the near or far future even if you never asked for the gift. As you can imagine, it’s been hard for me to receive any gifts since. It’s okay. Quality time is my personal love language anyway. For my dad it could have been a mix between his own lessons learned, paranoia, and deceit but I will tell you what I learned from having this ingrained in my brain at a young age (aside from not owing anyone a damn thing): acceptance is the same act as giving. It is not the opposite. When you give someone a compliment, for example, it doesn’t end there, this person now has to also accept it and then process it however they process things like compliments. The giver of the compliment also went through whatever they went through to gather and decide to compliment the other person. Acceptance is giving! And giving is accepting!

When we can accept that things aren't happening to us but just happening, we learn to truly trust life.

When we don’t accept what is, we end up at war first with what we think is the problem (which never truly is), and then ultimately with ourselves. When we refuse to accept that this is the life that was given to us at this time, we resent our loved ones or those closest in proximity for it. When we can’t accept that no matter what we do, some things and some people will always be as they are, we end up living in a fantasy land that can be dangerous.

Acceptance is powerful because it can make our wildest dreams come true primarily by allowing us to use that same energy for self-discovery, self-love, and manifestations instead. Life beautifully and sincerely reveals itself the more we accept, period.

This month I challenge you to accept more of what happens and more of what already is as you walk through your life. Work, as I will, to quickly drop any hard emotions around the things you can’t control. Remember easy does it. And when you see others complaining, spread the message or just have them follow us on Instagram or subscribe them to our newsletter. :D

For the month of June, we focused on love, the necessary vulnerability, the hunger for it, and the audacity. We kept it light because love is vast — which was the whole point.

Here's to accepting more of what is! Remember, easy does it!!!!!!!!!

Luh y’all,

Amanda Saviñón