Sex Scaries: Moni on the D

photo:  @bizarreartcult  /instagram

photo: @bizarreartcult /instagram

I took the 1-day Monistat for a typical yeast infection on a Wednesday. Come Saturday I’m ready to get sexy with a mans I’ve slept with a few times but who I’m not 100% comfortable with. So it’s Saturday morning and the sunlight is shining through for some good morning sex. As we’re doing the do he pulls out and I take a nice look at the D...and what do I see? White streaky MONISTAT ON THE D. I’m the only one who notices so I have approximately one second to weigh my options and make a decision. Do I fess up for an awkward conversation about my previous yeast infection? Do I act like I don’t know what that is and leave him worried and wondering if I have something? I rule both of those options out and leave myself with one choice: get rid of all the evidence. And down I go on him until every last bit is gone. To him it was a pleasant surprise. To me I was saving my ass and would make the same choice again if it came down to it.