7 Podcasts About Money

As we go into a new year, some of us are realizing that learning how to manage our resources is an essential part of growth. What better way to start developing our financial literacy than by listening to podcasts while we’re on our way to crush some other goals?

Bonus: All of these podcasts are hosted by women.

A lot of podcasts have associated courses you can pay for, but if you’re looking to save money, it’s a great idea to head to the library before purchasing a course.


1. Her Money Matters

Su Dinero Importa

Jen Hemphill is the host of not one but two podcasts, one in English and one in Spanish. She has also written a book and created an online community in addition to maintaining a blog. Hemphill encourages women to start addressing their financial lives by confronting their beliefs about money and their ability to manage it.


2. So Money

Farnoosh Torabi, through a combination of interviews with various authors, business figures, and Ask Farnoosh episodes, covers various topics and gives generalized advice in response to letters from listeners. Her episodes deal with topics ranging from being a woman in a male-dominated workplace to understanding the difference between a 401kand a Roth IRA. Her co-host Kara Stevens is also created a personal finance and lifestyle blog called The Frugal Feminista.


3. Money Girl’s

Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

Laura Adams is a personal finance expert and author who prioritizes being easy to understand. She’s a go-to if you’re looking for advice on a specific topic. Her podcast is on the shorter side and she makes it supremely easy to find whatever you’re looking for on her blog.


4. Miss Be Helpful

This is not a podcast but instead only the best Youtube channel about MONEY. Yanely Espinal, a Dominican-American money guru from Brooklyn who grew up poor, made a HUGE money mistake in her early twenties and changed her life (and her money). Today, Yanely has over 28K subscribers on Youtube channel where she educates us on credit, credit scores, investing, online savings accounts, budgeting and even shares her minimalist lifestyle and travels with us.


5. The Fairer Cents

Rad women. Real money stories

Best friends Kara Perez (a millennial) and Tanja Hester (a Gen X-er) host a slightly different type of podcast. Rather than giving advice, the two hosts get together to tell stories from listeners. Women write in to share stories about workplace challenges and overcoming difficult financial situations. Perez also created Bravely, a site that collects learning resources to serve as a jumping off point.


6. What Works

Small Business Podcast

Tara McMullin (formerly Tara Gentile) is not just reserved for listeners who want to run a small business. Her podcasts are vibrant and there’s something to learn even if you’re never planning to sell a single thing in your life. She invites guests to have discussions on Facebook marketing strategies, how to build leadership skills, and what it’s really like owning a business versus having a corporate job.


7. Mo’ Money

with Jessica Moorhouse

Jessica Moorhouse focuses on helping listeners reach the practical goals they need to meet before they can start looking at bigger ones. Episodes address topics like saving money as a student, evaluating the severity of your financial situation, and understanding a few basic approaches to investing.