NBA Draft 2018

After work today, for date night, bae and I went to the NBA Draft at Barclay Center. We got the tickets the day before and of course, I had nothing to wear... I woke up today, it was pouring rain and I had to head to work. For work, I wore these sweet and tailored La Vie (by Rebecca Taylor) denim jeans with a white tee and my Yeezy's and on my way out of my apartment, I threw my Louboutins in my tote bag.


After work, I ran over to the Aritzia in SoHo and found blush pink, ribbed, and ruffled one piece and snatched it at 30% off. I went to the fitting room after I paid, put it on, and hopped on the train to Brooklyn. At some point between getting there and getting to our seats, I changed my shoes and kept it moving! That's really all there is on this look.