Such a Lady

Tonight I met up with my girlfriends for dinner and wore this vintage English looking dress with a beautiful line of 16 buttons going down the front by C/MEO Collective. The dress is drop-waist and fit like a glove on the shoulders, torso, and hip area while the sleeves puffed out and the skirt pleated. 

Dress: C/MEO Collective. Shoes: Attico

Dress: C/MEO Collective. Shoes: Attico

Before my girlfriends and I make reservations for dinner, we make a list of 3-4 restaurants and take a vote. This time around, we voted to dine at Print Restaurant a New American, farm-to-table restaurant located inside of the Kimpton Ink48 Hotel in Hell's Kitchen. The food was fresh and the cocktails were delicious. The service could have been better and the atmosphere too but none of it matters because my company was made up for all of it.