Meme Monday: Inviting Your Demons Over for Tea

via @NoChill

via @NoChill

I truly LOL'd when I saw this meme while scrolling on Instagram. This meme is funny because it is true, but it is true because this is the approach we SHOULD be taking when our negative thoughts, haunting pasts, and insecurities (AKA our "demons") come to visit. When we are afraid, in doubt, or depressed, it is good to sit into the feeling and get to know it. We try so hard to shake the feelings of sadness, anxiety, and doubt when the cure might be to get to know what these "demons" that are so very yours, look like. What do they look like? What do they sound like? How do they manifest in your life?
Do they make you spend more money than you should? 
Do they stop your ideas from becoming things? 
Do they make you go out late when you should be home taking care of yourself? 
Do they block you from being more open, more loving, and kinder? Do they make sure you spend the majority of your time alone? 
Do any of these sound familiar?

Do you see why it is important to know what your demons look like? They are called "demons" because they make you do things unconsciously. When you know what your worries look like, you can invite them to tell you what they need to tell you, face to face. A friend once told me "invite the others over for tea". The others meaning the other facets of myself that have turned rancid from lack of attention and adoration. 

Next time fear creeps up on you, before it cripples you, or makes you give up on an idea, ask it, "are you afraid because this could be really good?"

I love you all even though I haven't met you physically. I love you because you are like me and I am like you. 

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