Holiday Prison Notes 2018

As a child of a formally incarcerated parent and a volunteer at New York City jails, I know how hard it is to have a family member in prison during the holidays and more importantly how daily life makes it hard to remember the incarcerated. Because of this reason, last year, with major help from Claudia Mendoza, Loyal Nana had it’s first annual Loyal Nana Prison Notes. Every December, the Loyal Nana team sends holiday cards to incarcerated women in New York State Prisons to spread holiday cheer, encourage them to stay strong, and remind them that they are not forgotten.

This December, we are continuing the tradition in new partnership with the Center for Justice at Columbia University and the Columbia Alumni Association. Want to send a message to a woman in prison?

Type in your message below:

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Name (Letter will be signed with your first name)

Remember to remind her that you see her humanity and that she is not forgotten! The Loyal Nana team with the Center for Justice and the Columbia Alumni Association will then personally write your messages on cards and send them off to incarcerated women in New York just in time for the holidays. Your love and words of encouragement can mean the world to someone who may be otherwise forgotten.

Some of my favorite messages from last year:

“Christmas is so hard in prison. I know because I spent seven Christmases behind the walls. You have made communicating with those inside easy and heartfelt. Thank you so much. “

- Sue Ellen Allen

"Hang in there my sister. I’ve been in your shoes and the holidays are the hardest time. There is life after prison(actually I went to prison three times before I got it) I started my life over at 40, have been home for ten years and life couldn’t be more perfect. Love yourself, forgive those that have hurt you and never forget having a DOC# doesn’t define who you are. You have love all around you, fill your heart with it, love those around you. God bless you and make the best of the holidays."

- Julie

"Women are incredibly strong, beautiful and limitless. Even when you think no one’s looking, you are shining. Sending much love from New Jersey,

- Ashley

Stay open & kind,

Amanda Saviñón