December: New Year Not New Me

Season's greetings!

It is the beloved last month of the year and for this month's theme, I want to explore the popular and false idea that we have to become a totally "new" version of ourselves with every new year in order to make real change. The all too familiar belief that we have to want new things in order to grow in a near year - “new year, new me!” - promotes just that.

Beau Bernier Frank

Beau Bernier Frank

Perhaps when we catch ourselves feeling overwhelmed this month by the pressure of the seemingly necessary change that new year vibes demand, we should ask ourselves (and others): What are the NOT new things about ourselves that we love? What are the qualities we continue to have that get us through the years? How can we honor who we are becoming if who we are becoming is who we were always on the way to be? How can we more efficiently hope for a brighter future while appreciating our past, and recognizing the importance of mindfulness in the present?

Right now is a good time to explore and almost pay homage to the NOT NEW things in our internal and external worlds that give us solid ground. Some of these month's conversations and stories include classic and NOT NEW New York City restaurants, a deeper look into some of life's oldest cliches and sayings, as well as thoughts and experiences to inspire self-love around the things that make you, you.

Don't change, just shift.

Amanda Saviñón

Founder of Loyal Nana

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