8 Emotional & Spiritual Growth Podcasts That Actually Work


Being happy is hard so Loyal Nana writer, Eleanor Igwe, compiled a list of eight emotional growth podcasts to cure our blues, expand our perspective, and help us understand that we are not alone. I hope one or more podcasts on this list can help you find a little bit of peace, space, answers, and/or acceptance in your daily life. - Amanda Saviñón


By: Eleanor Igwe

1. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Oprah’s selected conversations from her show SuperSoul Sundays are with outstanding figures from religion, media, journalism, politics, business and academia. Oprah asks about more than their successes, she queries how they feed their souls and spiritual lives. Loyal Nana readers will probably appreciate episodes featuring Arianna Huffington, Ava DuVernay, India Arie, and Cheryl Strayed.

2. Maybe It’s You

Husband and wife Amiira Ruotola and Greg Behrendt have been hosted by Oprah to discuss their books on relationships. On the podcast, they invite guests to reflect on dysfunctional behaviors they had at various points in their lives. Their conversations are brimming with insight, empathy, and humor.

3. Fear Based Life

Comedian Mel Stephens invites guests on to talk about fears, ranging from things like fear of spiders to fear of losing loved ones. Mel guides the conversations as both she and the guests share the techniques they’ve explored in how to deal with everyday fears and more existential anxieties.

4. The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Show host Paul Gilmartin speaks with guests about mental health issues that they experienced which required serious intervention. The episodes allow guests to delve into topics like generational and childhood trauma and speak about them with insight they’ve gained over time. The podcast is honest about the reality of emotional health that goes beyond what’s acceptable to speak about.


5. This Feels Terrible

The notoriously hard-on-herself Erin McGathy invites fellow comedians to commiserate about weird dates and failed relationships, and discuss how they’ve tried to process heartbreaks. The honesty and pain encountered in some of the stories are balanced out with astute observations and killer quips.

6. Tara Brach

Tara Brach is the author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge, books which readers have described as life-changing. Episodes of her podcast alternate between guided meditations and talks about different psychological topics ranging from developing personal narratives to learning to be honest with ourselves.

7. 10% Happier With Dan Harris

After suffering from a particularly terrifying panic attack, journalist Dan Harris went searching for something that could help and discovered meditation. He talks to a variety of people about the steps they’ve taken to find emotional stability and many share their personal meditative practices. Guests have included figures like Hannah Hart, Anderson Cooper, John Mulaney, and Elizabeth Vargas.

8. Let’s Talk About It With Taylor Nolan

Taylor Nolan, an alumna of The Bachelor, has guests on to discuss a variety of topics ranging from race to inpatient treatment to how to have good communication with your friends. Episodes feature down to earth and personable guests, which make for listening that’s both enjoyable and worthwhile.