October: Welcoming the New New


For October, the beginning of the last quarter of 2018, we are focusing on everything *NEW*. From new restaurants and adventures to new perspectives and habits. The new year is around the corner and I believe that if we put true intent behind purging, spontaneity, cleansing, and effective organizing NOW, the new year will welcome us generously later.

The very best part is that every. single. moment. is an opportunity to start anew.

NEW; (\'nü) adjective

"not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time."

Art: Djuno Tomsni

Art: Djuno Tomsni

Here are some places where you can find me and my art this October:


Columbia University (Center for Justice) Art Exhibition

Stretch your imagination to envision new ways of thinking about justice. What does Justice Look Like? Hosted by the Center for Justice at Columbia University on October 6th in Harlem from 12 pm - 5 pm. 439 W 127th St, New York, NY 10027. FREE

As a June Jordan Fellow at Columbia University, I went to the woman's jail at Riker's Island almost every Saturday for one year where I lead art workshops and conversations around entrepreneurship and the digital age, fashion versus personal style, and politics in pop culture. The fellowship is wrapping up and we are putting together a full-on celebration of the arts and social justice in form of an art exhibition. Come check out my new series of photographs inspired my time teaching at Riker's Island in Queens, New York and by my own personal experience with incarceration.


EVENT: Live tête-à-tête with Donna Hylton and Amanda Saviñón

October 11th at 6pm in the South Bronx.

A dynamic conversation between Donna Hylton and Amanda Saviñón about Donna's new lease on life after a 27-year prison sentence, her resilience, found sisterhood, sexual assault, and her new book, A Little Piece of Light. Join us on Thursday, October 11th. Doors open at 6 pm. RSVP mandatory. FREE


Nothing gets me through a month of Loyal Nana like the daily practice of collaboration. My contributor’s (and real-life friend’s) pitches, ideas and view of Loyal Nana allow me to press the refresh button on my brain whenever it is necessary and because of that, I am eternally grateful. Here are some stories slated for October all by my star contributors:

  • I’m a “selfish” single mom and I’m not sorry. Written by Jennifer Gustavson

  • Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski reopens the classic West Village's Village Den and we are stopping in. Written by Anneta Konstantinides.

  • Sage cleansing to rid ourselves and our spaces of unhealthy and stale energies to make room for new ones. Written by Eleanor Igwe.

  • Honest and humorous reviews of Ten life-changing International films (with trailers!) written by Matthew Wright.

Speaking of NEW, here are three items I bought last month:


These Jimmy Choo Twinkle Suede bow pumps have been my go-to shoe this whole month whenever I need something subtle, classy, and not too tall.

During a layover, I hit up Hudson News and finally got my hands on Anthony Bourdain’s 2010 book Medium Raw, my first Bourdain book. The book starts off with Anthony describing his first experience eating an illegal meal, an ortolan bird which was famously eaten as the last meal of former French President François Mitterrand before he died in 1996.

Last but not least, in September I got my first ever CBD product! This one, in particular, is from Plant People. CBD oil is non-psychoactive and promotes relaxation, attenuates biological response to stress and anxiety, supports body and brain function.

Want to contribute to Loyal Nana? Maybe you want to know what I think about my new CBD oil? Or want to get on deck for future events? Want to share with us some of your favorite purchases this month? Just collaboration or coffee? Shoot us an email at Loyalnana@gmail.com.

In the meantime, remember that starting new is always something you can do right now.

With loving kindness,

Amanda Saviñón

Founder of Loyal Nana