I Just Did It

I got these new boots at Zara (wishing they were YEEZY SUPPLY but we can talk about that later.) I just love the way these sock boots, which are super in trend, feel on my feet. I wanted to wear them for work with some black ankle pants but there was still a small amount of skin showing between the pant and the top of the boot. It looked strange.

I put on a pair of longer NIKE socks and the logo just happened to land inbetween the end of the pant and the top of the boot!!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH! It was a beautiful creation, especially since I had a nude hoody; the sport was all up on the outift but the heel made it good for work and a little sexy.


Next time I do this, it won't be a mistake and I'll share a full look with y'all. Now you try it, go!

Amanda SaviñónComment