When Bae Picks Out Your Outfit

We are essentially going out for lunch and dinner daily and tastefully over doing it here in Italy. So today, we went out for lunch, had tons of wine and went home to take a nap. We had dinner reservations so I woke up around 8pm and just DID NOT want to do ANYTHING. I wanted takeout and more sleep. While I am savoring every minute in bed before getting ready, I tell bae to pick out my outfit (which I never do!). This is what he came up with:

Can you see how tired I was?! Bae picking out my outfit allowed me to get dress in 15mins and get out the door. I had an AMAZING AMAZING dinner at Konnubio . I mean we had caviar, steak florentine, pasta, wine, champagne, ice cream and cake. It was worth peeling myself out of bed and out into the streets of central Florence. 

How did you think bae did on this outfit? Should I consider doing this more often?


Amanda SaviñónComment