3 Bad Money Habits We Must Break!

Money can be a sticky subject. I personally don't love dealing with it, talking about it and especially lacking it. But this is one of the most important topics to discuss in life whatever your goals may be. Do you want to buy a house at some point? Bring all of your debt to $0? Treat your friend to $15 cocktails? Shop simply because there is a sale? There are small but EFFICIENT steps we can all take RIGHT NOW to get juts a little more comfortbale in money later while staying focused now.

Yanely Espinal is a Financial Literacy expert and I love the way she goes about saving money; the way she encourages it. Suddenly it doesn't seem so hard. Some things as small as unsubscribing to emails from stores offering coupons and sale is a small and big way to save money. Watch her video to find out these bad habits we have and how we can break them once and for all!

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