One of our beautiful, smart, fashionable and favorite girls ever, Christina Brown, attended Curl Fest as she did the year before and is sharing her day with us...

It was a sea of naturals at the 4th annual Curlfest: braids, twist-outs, afros, twists, locs, low-cuts, color-dies, 2Bs, 2Cs, 3As 3Bs, 4As, 4Bs and 4Cs--all dressed like it was Fashion’s Night Out in Prospect Park.  As a Curlfest veteran, I can say that last year the curly girls (and boys!) showed out.  This year, the naturals more than doubled, not just in size, but also in spirit.  Imagine going to a family reunion where you meet your distant cousins and dance like you’re a kid again; imagine linking arms with hundreds of strangers and doing a swag ‘n surf in perfect unison; or jamming at the Formation Tour next to fellow Bey-hivers as the Queen sings Sorry.  Curlfest was all that wrapped into one.  It was like a sixties flower-child mixed with black and brown pride and natural roots.

Dress: Asos, Gladiator Sandals:  Michael Kors

Dress: Asos, Gladiator Sandals:  Michael Kors

For me, some of the highlights were getting to chat with the gorgeous Ebonee Davis, checking out all the bold and fabulous fashion, listening to DJ C. Devone blast all the hits from the 90s and today as children and grown folk went to town in energetic dance circles, and of course, how can I forget, getting THE BAG.  It’s what we all waited in line for.  It’s why you paid the early bird special instead of going general admission.  Friends, the Curlfest gift bag is stocked with full size hair-care products and samples--from Shea Moisture protein treatments to Madam CJ Walker curling creams, from Mielle Organics shampoos and natural oils to Creme of Nature conditioners--it’s a basic natural hair survival kit that’s easily worth $70.

When it was all said and done, I walked away from Curlfest--a true celebration of diversity, hair and culture--like you walk away from Sunday dinner with your family: happy, full and excited for it to come again.