The Lazy River

Today is the calm AFTER the storm. The wedding jitters are still in the air and the hangover is real all over the resort. We went for breakfast at noon and then joined some of the activities happening around the resort. After breakfast, I hit up the pool aerobics class and made new friends. I laid out to get some sun and played bingo with strangers by the pool before diving into the ocean for some body surfing. The waves were so marvelous but they also wiped me out so I decided to nap on the beach with the sun cooling down and my beach book making me sleepy.

Around 7pm we hopped back into the pool, then an hour later the hot tub before a delicious and authentic Mexican dinner with friends.

What made this all the better for me was that I did this all in my favorite swimsuit by La Perla. 

I lived in my swimsuit for over 12 hours and that made me the happiest. What a day huh?