Fashion Friday: Shop but don't Drop

Happy Fashion Friday style lovers! Yesterday I went to the MALL OF AMERICA! Y'all, I have seriously been wanting to come here since I was 8 years old. The four story mall is GINORMOUS and has a Nickelodeon themed amusement park (with every ride and zip lining), a Crayola Factory, TONS of stores and so much more! It's amazing! My mom and I literally shopped until we dropped for about eight hours and didn't hit even get to hit up every store on our list!

Let me be real, I thought I wore "proper" mall clothes but I was feet were aching, I was tugging at my pants all day, hips hurt, etc. In honor of my aches and pains, I decided to put together a comfy AND cute look that is PERFECT for a day full of shopping. We all love this sport and want to look super cute (ya never know who you'll run in to) BUT we need to be comfy while running the mall floors and prepared to take our clothes on and off a million times in the fitting rooms.

Top:  Sans Sa  souci , Shorts:  Valentino , Shoes:  Joshua Sanders , Bag:  Gucci , Earrings:  Jennifer Zeuner

Top: Sans Sasouci, Shorts: Valentino, Shoes: Joshua Sanders, Bag: Gucci, Earrings: Jennifer Zeuner

A chic pair of denim shorts like these from Valentino paired with a simple tank and super dope, fun, and comfortable sneakers is going to be your new go-to look for your shopping trips at your favorite mall. Give it a try this weekend, I can guarantee you won't be aching like I am right now lol. Catch you all next week! 😊

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