White House Correspondence Dinner Weekend 2017

We went back to DC this weekend to celebrate journalism by attending and helping host some of the WHCD festivities. This is a popular weekend in DC and there are events happening from Thursday - Sunday while the dinner is always on a Saturday. We attended the Voto Latino party on Friday and had a blast, kind of. The thing is DC is just so different this time around. The parties and the panels and the crowds are much more dull and aimless compared to the last years. It wasn't until I looked around that I realized what made these parties and events fun, which was President Barack Obama and his family being at the White House and in office. The folks the Obama family attracted from around the world for this popular weekend is what really made this weekend what it was, at least for us.

The White House Correspondence Dinner celebrates journalism. The profits from the dinner go to scholarships for student journalist. EVERY media outlet is present in addition to hundreds of celebrities.

This year, I wore a beautiful and dramatic dress by Australian brand C/MEO Collective and paired it with a printed shoe for effect. These shoes are from Zara, I've had them for about four years and they are my highest and most comfortable heel. I've been wearing  my huge hoops and small gold chains as "never-take-off-jewelry", so with this outfit it was no different. 

Amanda SaviñónComment