You're welcome. Love, Color.

I don't know how or when it happened but suddenly I am into a lot of color. After a LONG LONG night that might or might not have included some bottles of tequila, the girls and I decided to hit up SoHo for brunch. We went to Chalk Point Kitchen, walked all over town for about two hours and went to Plunge, the rooftop bar at the Gansevoort to warm up. We finished the evening at Le Bain before I remembered my friends birthday party. They girls and I split and I treated my friend to dinner before dancing. This all means I was in this VERY comfortable Milly dress for 12 hours far from home in pure ease. 

Why stop at the dress for color? I paired it with my I-NEED-TO-LET-GO-OF-THESE- sneakers which are LIME green and BRIGHT red. 

Thank you Milly for pouring STRETCH and GLAMOUR into one dress. Thank you Nike for making sneakers that last well over four years of hardcore wear. 

Amanda SaviñónComment