When it rains in Paris

It continues to rain in Paris but that never stops fashion. We headed to take a long and wet walk to the Louvre today to take in some history and some art. I decided to wear this warm and comfortable trench poncho with a twist. My plain black cap helped me NOT carry an umbrella round all day, these Todd Snyder pants are my favorite paired with the best and warmest Zara sweater in my closet. Oh and who doesn't love chucks? I accessorized with my vintage Rolliflex camera to capture this old city as it should be captured. 

To warm up, we headed to L'As du Fallafel, only the BEST BEST falafel spot in Paris in Rue des Rosiers. On our way home, we passed through a thrift shop where everything was under 80 euros.  I found a long chinchilla coat, some bomb Dolce and Gabbana jeans and sporty Burberry pants. Can't wait to upload them so you can all drool like we did. 


We got lost at the Louvre, a few times. It sucked but not really. All kinds of old art was surrounding us: silverware from the 1800's, Napoleon's "apartment" which included a dining table for 50+ invitees, crowns, sculptures and on and on. We tried to take photos and also take it all in which was hard but here is what we managed to get: 

Thank you to all of our friends (single, married, dating, students, parents, young and old) who hooked us up with the best recommendations.