Dreaming About Wearing Your Denim Jacket as a Shirt?

Well day dream no more. I tried it so you all don't have to, except I am here to tell you that you do because it's badass. 

What I mean by wearing your denim jacket as a shirt is there is no center piece, just the jacket. The bra is optional (as always). Essentially you have no option but to keep it on, roll up your sleeves, undo some buttons, and put a coat on top because its cold out. 

Shirt/Top/Jacket: G Star Raw

Cool thing: Your waist appears smaller because the fabric is tough and holds its shape when it moves :)


I paired the G Star Raw shirt/denim jacket with favorite boyfriend jeans ever from Zara for a Canadian Tuxedo effect. As you might know, a tuxedo can take you anywhere! We went to happy hour, dinner, cigar and whiskey with friends and I felt like a rock star. And as you might also know, a rock star is ready for anything:  a picnic, work, a spontaneous motorcycle road trip, you name it!

The wink: this is a super unfitted and boyish look if not paired with stilettos so make sure to add some sex!

If this is for you, try it and send us photos to loyalnana@gmail.com!

Amanda SaviñónComment