Here's What I Think About People

Here is what I think about people: everyone is doing the best they can.

We all try. Whether our threshold or level of trying-ness satisfies you or not, we do.

We all are doing the best we can. To understand one another, to listen to one another, to eat with one another, right?

We all have mothers and fathers. Whether you measure how much of a father you have according to their presence in your life or not, you have one of each: one mother and one father.

We are all trying the best we can to call our grandmothers and go see our mothers and to spend time with our sisters and nephews, right?

Everyone is doing the best they can. Fighting a daily losing battle of understanding ourselves fully.

We are all doing what we can to get through this life. To fight with and sometimes understand our own doubt. We are all trying to be stronger so that we can hold ourselves accountable for getting in our own way. This one is hard for me…but I am doing the best I can.

We are all doing our best to stay healthy and get by daily, simultaneously. 

We do the best we can to work the hardest and fastest we can to take your order.

We are trying the best we can to have 7-9 years of experience at only 27 years old so that we can contribute to a team and be a part of something bigger through voluntary hard work.

I am trying the best I can to swipe you at the subway station because you are trying the best you can to get a swipe. But I do my best to get $3 for my own metro card. Does that mean I am trying or doing better than you? Not necessarily.

Maybe we should do our best for one another and then doing the best for yourself might be smoother.

Everyone is afraid yet we wake up everyday to allow life and sunlight to pass through us.

If you are stressed because you don’t have money, do your best to appreciate your health and if money ain’t a thang, you do you boo, just try your best to understand that health is the only thing it can’t buy.

We are all doing the best we can to be the best version of what our parents raised us to be. We have also tried our best to get over and away from such thing.

We do our best to accept the parts of ourselves that we just don’t understand.  

We have done our best to accept the people who we did not choose to be a part of our lives as well as those we have.

Do the best you can and not the best someone else can. If you feel that you can do better, you’ve reached yesterday’s best and are moving toward tomorrow’s best. See how it’s never ending?

Be gentle with you. You do not need anything to do your best. The key is to do your best with what you've got. If you are free, do your best to free somebody else. 

“The best thing to do now, is to do the very best you can.” ― Allen Drury, Into What Far Harbor?

artwork by amanda saviñón