Black Sunday

Today felt powerful. I woke up with a kick in my step and a lot of confidence and grace. I left home for work around 6:45 am and at that time in The Bronx the streets are empty of kids, full of adults who haven't gone to bed yet and men opening their business and cleaning the concrete floors out front. It is quiet, the train in the distance and the smell of soap and Clorox might have encouraged this feeling of a "fresh" start, haha.


I got on the train, went to work, had a pomegranate kombucha for breakfast, a burrito from Taqueria Diana, which, unfortunately, wasn't what I was looking for. I took a walk with a co-worker around St. Marks Pl, AKA crazy town. The day came and went. It felt like a rest stop, a day to be okay, a day to flush out and reset. It was a good day. 


Outfit details: Top: Five Four, Pants: vintage, Sneakers: Nike Vapor Max, Coat: Carven, Wallet: SuperDry

Amanda SaviñónComment