What Is A Tomorrow?

I recently came across this great article written by Haley Nahman (how cool is her last name?) for Leandra Medine's Man Repeller. The inspiration for the article came from a quote Janis Joplin said a while back, "Tomorrow never happens. It’s all the same fucking day, man.”

via man repeller

via man repeller

So what is "tomorrow" or the idea of "later? Shouldn't we just live right now since it is the only certain thing? Like Daddy Yankee says in his hit song Gasolina, "No deje pa mañana lo de hoy que te lo llevan, ma." (Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today because they will take it, ma" 

Man Repeller gives us a list of 8 things we can do now to live in the now, right now. 

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