What's The Deal With Marriage?

Sad news you guys, the fierce and sexy parents of six, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, have called it quits. Angelina filed for divorce today claiming irreconcilable differences. They were together for 12 years and married for two. 

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This has got me thinking.... I have been in a relationship for 8 years and sometimes I can't help but think, "What does marriage do to a relationship?" What is it about marriage? About 50% of marriages end in divorce whatever the reason. I have heard of and seen couples who have been dating, very happily for over 10 years and then decide to get married only to end up in divorce. Much like Bradgelina. What does this mean for the rest of us?  Is there hope for a lasting and loving marriage? When do you decide to stop working at making it work? What's the 50% that do make it regret? Or love? What made them continue working at their marriage? When is the right time for two people to be married? Are people supposed to get married? Is marriage a passage to womanhood/manhood? Do marital benefits make the difference between two people just being together vs. being married? Can only two people marry each other? Why? What does it mean that same-sex marriage JUST became legal in the United States of America?

I am not against marriage, for the record. I do, however, have infinite questions. 

Photo: via Vanity Fair

Photo: via Vanity Fair

RIP Bradgelina: According to TMZ’s report on the divorce, Angelina Jolie has filed for sole custody of their six children and is asking for no spousal support. She is being represented by Hollywood power divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who has also represented Ryan Reynolds, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, and Johnny Depp. Read more about Bradgelina on Page Six.

these questions are real. share your thoughts with us.

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