Daring to Define a New Dream

Here I sit, staring out the window on a dismal day in New England knowing nothing of what tomorrow will hold.

I try, in my heart of hearts to look at the future the way I have looked at it each and every day of my life: optimistic, hopeful, and sure that everything will be okay.

Because as a nation of perseverance, grit and strength we will rise up. We as a people are not defined by the sharp jaded edges of hateful rhetoric and indescribable discourse. It may have in this moment temporarily deafened us, ripping through our decency leaving us with painful scars and wounds that need time to heal in its wake. But our unification must be stronger than our division.

The winds have drastically shifted in a course unforeseen, as such all we can do is adjust the sails as necessary and remain a people full of ambition and resilience.

The unknown is a deep abyss, now filled with fear and despair. Forcing faith upon even the faithless.

Our legs cannot break carrying this burden alone.  There is too much work left to do. We must come together and work harder than before. Our hearts must beat with stronger passion, like the fists of freedom pounding on the walls of this world not yet seen. 

Daring to define that new dream. For every woman and every man, every person and every child of every creed. This must inspire a new narrative. Filled with hope and everlasting courage.

This is only the beginning. 

lisa reddyComment