Meet Zenta Fuentes

Zenta Fuentes is my new hero. Who is Zenta Fuentes you ask? She is a Puerto Rican powerhouse from the Bronx taking over Hollywood by producing a number of some of our favorite shows like Jane the Virgin, Pretty Little Liars, Shameless, Grey’s Anatomy… the best part is that I can keep on going.

As you might already know, America is quite controversial when it comes to having Blacks and Latinos in corporate work places. Unfortunately, this does not exclude the creative industry. That said, Fuentes broke through all that bullshit and got her work on. She did confess though, “it takes a lot of support to get someone to say yes in this industry.”

Read the rest of the interview on Refinery29 as part of The Gratitude Series, a four-part Refinery29 special running in November that will celebrate the women of color whose work in Hollywood we are grateful for — especially during a time when the industry is still struggling to be more inclusive.

Photos: Courtesy of Zetna Fuentes for Refinery29

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