Instagram Like A Boss

It's Instagram's birthday and we want to teach you how to Instagram like a boss. Do you ever scout the explore page and see Instagram posts and wonder how to get that shot without having to buy a plane ticket to the Amalfi Coast or purchase the new off-the-runway Marc Jacobs? With all of the new fall fashion trends this season, we know you want to chronicle your adventures and capture all of your perfectly layered getups. Well, in honor of Instagram's birthday this week, here is how you can achieve champagne posts on a beer budget.

Scout Location


So you have your outfit on and want to take a bomb picture, what's next? Location and background are key. You might overlook that super cute brick wall or even the timeless staircase around the corner.  All of these locations, when photographed correctly, are perfect.  The best advice is to use a wall/background that accentuates your look and doesn’t distract; you don’t want someone staring at the graffiti wall behind you instead of your outfit. 



Frame the Shot

If you rely on the help of others, who are not photographers, setting up the frame is very important.  Definitely pull help from fellow photographers when you can but strangers can always be helpful. Random people love getting asked to take a photo; they just need your creative guidance.  If you find a background you love, just pull up the frame and set up the photo how you want.  Grab your “assistant” and show them the idea and kindly ask for them to keep this vision in mind.  When approaching strangers, sugar goes a lot further than spice. 

Consistency is Key

I sat down with a blogger/ business owner who has done extensive research on Instagram posting.  She gave me some of the best advice about my page that has helped me keep a streamlined look.  If you continuously post cropped photos, continue to post cropped photos; if you are always posting pictures in full square, keep posting pictures in full square.  When a viewer looks at your gram as a whole you want a product that looks even and leveled.  If you use a lot of color, filter in a few black and white photos (in filter and color theory) to break up your page and even out the patterns/color.  Lastly, if you have multiple pictures from the same shoot, work them into your page.  Don’t just post all the pictures all at once; keep people wanting more!

It's All About the Algorithm

At the same meeting mentioned above I was enlightened to the Prime for Instagram app.  This (as I know) iPhone application analyzes all of your Instagram followers and breaks down, day by day, hour by hour, when the best times for you to gram.  Insta does not allow you to preplan posts so the only downside is that you have to stay on top of that 8:11p.m. post but it is SO worth it.  I have found that posting even just a few minutes early is not as beneficial as posting a few minutes after.  Usually, if my post time is 8:11p.m. then I will add to Instagram around 8:15p.m. or 8:20p.m.  You will be able to feel out your following also; the app does not explain how many followers are scrolling on specific days so you have to find your groove.  For some reason Wednesdays and Fridays are best for me, whereas Sundays are a complete bust.  As you post, you will be able to find what is best for you!  Go forth and get those likes girlllllllll.

Hashtags Are Life

Have your ever witnessed an amazing post and then become overwhelmed by the desperation of the hashtags?  I was that girl, you were that girl, we are all that girl; on both ends.  Hashtags are so vital when the mission is to reach the masses.  The key to keeping it chic and simple is to save all of your hashtags as a note.  Add a period (.) on each space and go down four or five levels:





#hashtag #hashtag #hashtag

Once you post your caption in the picture, post another comment and copy/paste your hashtag list.  With the new Insta set up, no one will ever see that you posted a comment of hashtags and if they do then WTF… get a life.

Have Fun


The best shots are always taken when feeling natural.  The more posed you feel, the even worse it looks.  Once you get dressed practice a few poses in the mirror and then recreate those in a more organic setting.  Sometimes it’s the first shot that is the best.  Trying to edit through 20 shots, especially when a stranger is taking them, is so difficult.  Just be yourself and have confidence.

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