5 Cheap & Easy Halloween Costumes

My absolute favorite holiday is only four days away:  Halloween! We feel the best costumes are the ones that are relevant to the present year: 2016. We have all been a cat, duh, so what now?  You can be witty and sexy at the same time if you tap into your creativity and put a little elbow grease in.  The goal is to be original but also not spend $100 on one costume for one night.  A trip to Michael’s and your local thrift store will do the trick; plus a few YouTube makeup tutorials will round out your look.  If you need a last minute, 2016 relevant, cheap costume, we got you covered!


1. Any Lemonade Beyoncé 

Next on our Halloween guide is Queen B.  Any version of her is perfect because DUH, it’s Beyoncé.  For this version, you can get this black hat from Urban Outfitters, a ton of costume jewelry from Forever21 along with these amazing earrings from Bauble Bar. The best part is getting this black off-the-shoulder dress from H&M which you can keep and continue wearing long after halloween is over. Last but not least, contour your face and finalize with a deep red or berry lip.


2. Simone Biles

The Legend! The star! The U.S. Olympic Hero! Simone Biles. Easy costume: leotard and hair bow. Done and done! Oh, wait, to keep warm, wear tights and double them up! For kicks, get some faux medals.


3. Pokemon GO! (On the iPhone)

Yes, two large pieces of black (or white) cardboard, cut and paste the interface of the Pokemon GO app onto the front and the Apple logo painted on in matte black paint on the back. Dress in all black (or white) underneath! Hang, tie or pin the (ideally shoulder to knee size) pieces of cardboard on to your body and VOILA!  If you have a group of friends that are still searching for  Halloween costumes, inspire them to be a group of Pokémons with one person “catching them all”.  Faux Pokeballs, will be the icing on the cake! 


4. Eleven 

There is this super popular show, Stranger Things. You might have heard of it. If not, Eleven is the main character, so innocent but a total BAD ASS. You will probably see a lot of 11's out there this halloween. I don't blame them, this is probably the coolest and coziest costume for a cold, fun and long halloween night turn up. This dress will do just fine. You can pair with with this L.L. Bean jacket  and the never-going-out-of-style American Apparel knee length socks. Grab your White high-top Chucks from your closet and accessorize with an Eggo box :) 


5. Hillary Rodham Clinton & Donald Trump

Last but certainly not least, if you are in a relationship, couples costumes are always a fun way to go.  With the election coming up, a Trump/Hillary costume would be a hilarious way to celebrate the holiday.  You each will need a suit, something you probably have in your closet already and if not run down to the local thrift store and each grab a dark navy suit.  For Trump and general man suit and for Hillary, pick up a boxy, wide legged, oversized number.  White button ups for both and a tie for Trump will top of the looks.  Last but not least, you can order the face masks through any simple google search; I recommend just heading over to amazon.

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