Meme Monday: Forgive Yourself, but Adjust your Habits


Forgive yourself, but adjust your habits.

The original joke comes from an America’s Next Top Model episode from 2008 where Tyra Banks says “Hoe, but keep it classy” as she puts her hand on her breasts sexually, but then pushes her chest back and hunches over to depict a “fashion” look versus a “hoe” look.

Forgive yourself, but adjust your habits.

Am I doing too little?
Am I doing too much? 
Am I doing it right?
Is this wrong?
How should this be?
How should I be as a twenty-something woman? 
What's wrong with me?
Why am I thinking that?
What should I wear?
Why didn't I say this?
Why don't I go out more?
What can't I save money?

We need to slow down and be more present wherever we stand. We are already hearing, seeing, smelling, and feeling all at the same time! Think about all of the gems and connections we are missing every second because we are stuck in the proliferation of our minds.

Plus, who are we asking anyway? Are we asking our most critical self? If so, why are we doing that? lol. That is how we actively set ourselves up for failure, and not the good kind of failure either. Who are we beating ourselves up to? Are we asking our version of a god? 

If you want to wake up an hour or two earlier so that you can read, write, or eat breakfast before work... 
or if you want to hit the gym more consistently... 
or if you want to eat better and be more present, and you just can't seem to commit, don't punish yourself by over spending money, overeating, or drinking, and smoking. Instead, be aware of your decisions and your behavior, forgive yourself and then adjust your habits.

Could you have been a better friend or leader? Probably. Forgive yourself but adjust your habits. You ignored red flags and now your heart is broken...Forgive yourself but adjust your habits. Stay focused on what TRULY matters to you in life. 

If you are unsure of what you want out of life, ask the deepest part of yourselves that has all of the answers: "Where are WE in all of this? What do we want right now?"

We are not perfect, we are funny, human, beautiful, wise, spontaneous, curious, hopeful, strong, deep, and connected. This is what we preserve by staying focused on being open-hearted and open-minded, the wise and the beautiful parts in all of us...