Mother Nature Color Palettes for Mothers to-be


We hit up two gender reveal parties today, my first one (two) ever. 

Some people decide to not know the sex of their 'baby' until they give birth. 

Other folks rather know and keep it private. 

Others realize that finding out the sex of your baby is just the beginning of this long journey so celebrating that, and then a baby shower, and then the birth, and then the first birthday is just way too much (me).

Today my younger sister, and my younger cousin had seperate gender reveal parties and they will both be having girls!


I was wrong on both of my guesses as I thought they would both have boys. It's no thing though, all I know is that I will love these kids as my own when they enter this world to live this beautiful *thing* we call LIFE.

We had to wear pink or blue depending on what our vote was. I do not own either color so I went with the **MOTHER** nature's color palette. I got my top from Aritzia and my denim from SuperDry. My very basic nude heels are from Calvin Klein and they are the most comfortable shoe ever. I mean, I did go from East Bronx to upper Manhattan in them! Last but not least these earrings I just came across by Kendra Scott. They were the center of attention; full of jewel tone colors, light in weight and NOT noisy at all. IDEAL ear candy.