kelly cohen

Kelly Cohen is a political journalist in Washington, D.C. by way of South Florida. After going to the best journalism school in the land (#MIZ) she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life using words in beautiful and educational ways. Her favorite topics to write about include social and criminal justice issues such as poverty, incarceration and homelessness, as well as the law and courts. This passion stems for her weekly volunteering at DC's family homeless shelter, where she helps kids be kids every Tuesday though the Homeless Children's Playtime Project.

On the side, she's a workout fiend who can't go a day without purposely working up a sweat. She's currently studying so she can become ACE certified and take her talents to part-time personal training. 

Kelly also enjoys the ever changing world of social and digital communications, which include keeping her Twitter #brand strong. She's also a crazy sports fanatic thanks to her Miami upbringing and is always up for an argument about football or basketball - especially one over tacos. 

Follow her on Twitter: @politiCOHEN_, Instagram: kcocoloco and Snapchat: kmc9rb.

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